Thursday, October 16, 2014

How 'Bout That Neat?

The boys wore Halloween outfits that they got from their grandma to story time today!

Ayden had two epic toddler meltdowns while we were at the library. He rarely has them in public so It was out of character but we both survived. On a lighter note, he has started saying, "How 'bout that neat?" when he is sharing an idea about what we should do and is trying to convince me to say yes.  He also asked me if I wanted to put chap stick on my cheeks.  When I said no he said, "It feels good on a hot day..." as if that might change my mind.  I laughed out loud at that and gave him a hug.  It's crazy how far his mood can swing from one extreme to the other, and often multiple times at that, in a days time.  Toddler life must be exhausting.

Naps did not line up again today.  This must be a new norm for now...

Snuggle time with this bat booty boy.
Look at him hold his head up.  It's one of his favorite things to do.
He's got such a strong neck and back already!

My quality time with Ayden today consisted of reading Leaf Man then going on an Autumn scavenger hunt.  We collected the items in a brown paper sack.  When we got back inside I gave him a piece of contact paper to which he stuck all of our discoveries.  I stuck it to the window above his little desk.

Nature is beautiful.
Ayden has been loving Halloween themed books and has taken an interest in skeletons and bones.  When I was digging through my school stuff in the shed, looking for the brown paper sack for our scavenger hunt, I came across a skeleton puzzle.  He LOVED it.  We did it several times before David got home.

Logan slept in the wrap for a LONG time this afternoon.  After dinner, David and Ayden went outside to play with Ayden's new "work tools."

They went into the field next to the cottage and dug a hole.

David taught him how to properly use his little shovel.
And then they went on a walk around the farm.  While they were out I laid Logan down thinking he'd wake up like he usually does but he continued to snooze away.  I was able to get SOOO much done in that hour and felt like a new lady afterward.  It was a much needed stretch of childless productivity time.

The day was balanced with a good amount of ups and downs but as I reflect back on it I feel happy.


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