Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thank You, Mommy!

This little one slept hard until 9 this morning!

He was sleeping so hard he woke up with sheet imprints!

He wakes probably on an average of every three hours throughout the night.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  To be honest, I don't even look at the clock or keep track.  Bed sharing from the start has been AMAZING for how I feel in the morning.  Even though I technically wake up often throughout the night, since I literally go right back to sleep it doesn't leave me feeling like I was hit by a truck come morning (unless David and I stay up too late...).  I know it's not for everyone, it wasn't for me the first time around, but this time it has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

Ayden and I kept checking on him to make sure he was okay and he was just snoozing away.

Ayden is always excited to see Logan in the mornings.
Once he was up, fed and dressed...

We did the annual photo with our Jack-O-Lantern family!

Boppy tummy time!  Liiiiiift!!!
(in outfit #2 for the day...)
I had a few errands to run in town today (post office, bank, etc) but before I did that I dropped the boys off with my folks and went to tend to my bees a bit. They needed their entrance reducers and the draft blocking portion of their bottom boards installed.

I just love looking out over our land!
When I got back to my parents' house to pick up the boys it started to POUR down rain so we hung out for a bit.

Milk drunk.
I thought the cool front that the rain was going to bring would happen earlier than it did.  Luckily it was still warm enough for some outside time this afternoon.

My view while Ayden played.
"Thank you for the milk, Mommy!"
He is so unbelievably precious...
After we had dinner, Ayden and David played for a little while before David left to go work on the house.  After he left, Logan was napping so Ayden and I worked on this little project together.

I have been wanting to make him a felt board literally for years and have had the supplies for almost as long.  We went up to our office/craft room to get something and I saw the felt and decided on a whim to just have him help me do it right then.  He enjoyed helping and I am so glad that I can finally start pulling out all of my felt activities from when I taught!

It was another good day.  Adyen and I are really in sync at the moment and I am enjoying him so much!  He's such a cool kid to hang out with when toddler mood swings aren't coming between us.  I'm not sure what flipped the switch (adjusted to Logan's arrival perhaps?) or how long it will last but I'll take what I can get.


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  1. Love the activities you create......so many of them are going into my "when I have grandchildren" file......also, keeping it "real" on your blog (every day with your boys doesn't have to be perfect) is what keeps so many of us readers coming back day after day.