Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy Time Warp (x2)

Today was a rainy day!  The boys and I stayed home and had a relaxing morning. 

Out of the wrap...
LOVE that he still lets me cradle him like a baby!
Ayden had me make a blanket "cave" in his crib and he read books in there while Logan and I worked on the clothing stuation (mainly putting clean clothes away). 

In the wrap.
Hands free snuggling while getting stuff DONE.
Win, win!

It's the best.
Ayden rolled out his muscles while I emailed out some photos:


Favorite newborn Logan headshot.

Favorite newborn full body shot.

Getting ready to brush teeth before nap.
Snapped a pic to send to Daddy.
I was tired today and could have really used a nap but, alas, the naps did not align. Instead, I got to have a "Happy 5 weeks!" conversation with this guy:

My mind has been blown by how much more quickly time passed now that we have two kiddos. My sister calls this "mommy time warp" and it's almost a blur. As much as I want to slow it down I know that I can't so I'm just holding on for the ride and trying to cherish as many moments as I can!

When Ayden woke up we headed out to the library to check out a couple of books we had placed on hold and to Target to pick up some prints of the above newborn photos. 

Trying out our new car seat adapter for our City Mini.
We also got the glider board but haven't really used it yet.

Library train table!
Ayden made a friend named Oliver.
Every time I go out in the afternoon and have to come home during rush hour I remember why I so love getting errands out of the way in the morning!  

When do you run errands?  Morning or afternoon?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Child Of The Corn"
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