Friday, October 17, 2014

Shopping Trio

I had our first big errand day on tap for today. I've limited myself to being out for just an hour or two until today. 

I have gotten in the habit of getting the boys ready first thing after breakfast. 

Then I get myself ready long before we actually have to leave the house. 

It makes SUCH a difference and I am a much better toddler mom when we have time to let Ayden do toddler things like play a game of chase when it's time for him to get on his car seat or for him to pick up evey rock we see from the front door to the car. Us all getting ready for the day first thing in the morning allows time, and therefore patience, for such things. Setting ourselves up for success is a great way to start the day!

Ayden needed some play/comfy pants for the cooler weather and I needed some clothes to fit my current body type so I headed to a shopping center that has both a children's and an adult consignment store side by side. It took longer than I expected so Ayden fell asleep. 

That was not part of my plan but I went with it. I let him finish his nap while I had lunch there in the same shopping center and then we went to Whole Foods where both of the boys had their lunch and we did a little grocery shopping. We were gone for a total of 5 hours and I was TIRED when we got home!

We had David home with us again tonight so he and Ayden took a walk and I nursed Logan. 
I was proud of both Logan and Ayden (and myself) for being such good troopers. Shopping can be taxing on all involved and my first trip as a mom of two was a success!


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  1. How fun!! Please share what you bought. :-)

  2. Wow, well done you! That sounds massively daunting

  3. Well done! Planning and doing things ahead of time is the key!

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