Saturday, October 4, 2014

Standard Saturday

Happy Saturday!  Ours was pretty standard. 

That photo was taken minutes before Ayden tried to bop Logan in the head with a DVD case. Overall he is doing really great with his big bro role but he does have moments. We definitely drop what we are doing and keep close proximity when he decides to visit with Logan. 

My mom came to the farmer's market. Our CSA season is over and we still have plenty of freezer meals, potatoes, winter squash and frozen meat so we really didn't need much this week. It's still always fun to go walk around. A flower vender has some Cindarella pumpkins that are BEAUTIFUL!  They were $13-$15 each so I did not buy one but I definitely want to grow some in our garden next year!

Both boys napped after the farmers market while my mom and I took turns running in to a couple of other stores. David went to work on the house while we were away but had to come home early because he got something in his eye this morning and he was in enough pain still to where he couldn't blink. He came home and napped and when he woke it was feeling better enough for him to function again. He went back out right after we got home. 

First post orchard apple activity: gluing golden delicious "apples" (yellow foam circles) on a tree while eating a golden delicious apple. 

These caps are PERFECT for toddlers who just can't squeeze hard enough:

They got two more windows installed while they worked today:

We had a quiche from our freezer meals for dinner and got Ayden to bed before 8:00. David is watching the UK football game this evening while I am snuggling a nursing Logan. I'm looking forward to tomorrow since we don't have any big plans. I'm thinking my mom is going to come over so we can turn all of the apples we picked into all kinds of deliciousness. 

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  3. Sounds like a nice day! Such a cute little apple activity. Your so creative.