Sunday, October 12, 2014

Swap Day Highlights

Sunday morning family movie

The happiest baby there ever was.

Swapping clothes.
Out with the maternity.
In with Fall/Winter pre-pregnancy clothes.
Got started on the boys but will have to finish tomorrow...
Multi-tasking at its best.
Nursing and folding laundry.
Now if only the laundry fairy would come and put it away!

LOVE how babies curl up when they are nakey.

Baby Ayden having his snack in Logan's carseat.

Homemade apple crumb pie!

Today's house progress = windows for the dormers!

Dinner at my parents'
Today was a great Sunday.  Hope you had a great one too!!  I took a chance and volunteered to host playgroup tomorrow for the first time since I was pregnant.  Hopefully I can pull myself and my house together in the morning!


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  1. You are brave already volunteering to host playgroup. Hope it's a huge success!

  2. My son makes that same "baby" pose that Ayden is making in the carseat. It's so cute!