Monday, October 6, 2014

Coming To Life

Logan has really come to life this past week. 

With him smiling and making great eye contact it really feels like we have another little person in the house. He is awake for longer stretches more often throughout the day and is more vocal about his needs (though still rarely escalates to a cry). 

He is sleeping well (he gave us a 5 hour stretch last night!) and really loves being held. We don't really have to rock or bounce him. He's perfectly content to just be held tight. 

He loves his brother and his daddy but right now there's no one like mommy!  He likes to be worn which is a good thing because the last couple of nights, after Ayden is in bed, he just wants me to nurse him and hold him. Into the wrap he goes so I can get a couple of things done before going to bed myself. 

We followed the Wonder Weeks app with Ayden and the leaps and "stormy periods" were right on for him. It seems as though Logan is going through his first leap right now, a week early, since he fits the description. David and I were wondering if maybe it was because he was an overdue baby. Perhaps he is demonstrating the skills of a baby a week ahead of his actual age since he is technically that age?  Who knows what it is but we are so happy to already be enjoying the smiles and how much he has come to life!

Was your baby overdue?  Did you find they began reaching milestones a week or so early in the beginning?


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  1. The sleep program I used as a guide with Ava definitely spoke on adjusted age up to 4 months (I believe). So I was always to use the due date as her true age. For example, at 8 weeks old Ava was really 5 weeks adjusted and she really did not seem to be where the boys were by 8 weeks old. It would make sense to adjust the baby's age up if he were an overdue baby, such as Logan. You guys could be right on with that theory.

  2. Wonder Weeks says to use the due date to track leaps. My little lady was a bit early and she seems pretty on-time with the leaps when using her due date as opposed to her birth date, so Logan probably is ahead for his birth date! :) He sure is a cute little guy!!

  3. Sarah, where can I find those neat little things that hold Logans carseat straps in place? I've noticed them in several pictures and they look so handy!