Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conquered The Mountain

I love this little smirk...

I am finally back on track as far as laundry is concerned. Getting ALL of our clean stuff out away yesterday was the key. Now I'm back to using my 1 basket rule and it feels good to have conquered that mountain!

We had a chilly, misty Autumn day today. There was a break in the mist so we took a walk. 

I am ready to start beig active again so I was glad when Ayden requested to ride in his wagon. I was wearing Logan and pulling the wagon at a decent pace. We took two trips up our long driveway and back and it felt good to challenge my muscles a bit. I have no Earthly idea abou how I'll be able to fit any type of exercise into my days when I'm given the go ahead but I'm definitely in the mood for it (and my booty needs it!)
Nap times did not line up again today but as usual, I made the most of it by getting some quality one on one time with each of my boys. 

Logan time:

Ayden time: We turned the rest of our orchard apples into more applesauce. 

I can usually tell if I won't be able to get a nap before it happens so I'm able to make peace with it and pep myself up for barreling through the day. Acceptance is the key to happiness in most situations and this one is no exception. It also helps that I am usually able to cross a couple of things off of my to do list while Ayden sleeps which can make feeling a little tired worth it in and of itself!

Tonight was my first night back to teaching dance. Ayden packed his backpack with toys and snacks and was excited to go play with his cousins and studio friends. 

It was Logan's first time at the studio. 

He slept in his car seat for the first hour and in the Moby for the 2nd hour (I'm only teaching for 2 hours this year). When I was done I nursed him, got our stuff packed up and we headed home for a late dinner. 

David had dinner with a vendor for work and got home just after us. He was so glad that Ayden wasn't asleep yet and enjoyed getting him ready for bed. Once Ayden was in bed and David and I were vegging out on the couch while I nursed Logan to sleep I told him that having two kids feels so right and he agreed. Now that we have figured out how to not only deal with the juggle we are beginning to actually enjoy it.

I love my boys so much!



  1. Do you like taking peel off apples when making applesauce? I keep my peels on and steam them, then puree in blendtec. I think peel adds more fiber. On a different none, I think 2 kids is ideal but I have many who thought that too at the beginning but then yearned for one more. You never know how you will feel in years to come I was told. Life can be unpredictable!!

    1. I have made it in the past with the skins on but I was going for easy this time around. That contraption that Ayden is using in the photo skins, cores and slices the apples. It makes it so easy, plus he loves to turn the crank! It's a fun way to involve him. Never say never for sure about more kids but for now we feel very fulfilled!