Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Juggling Act

This morning Ayden decided to share his favorite toy (at the moment) with Logan. That's a pretty big deal, right?

Logan is Ayden's biggest fan already.

We'll have to see of Ayden changes his tune when Logan actually holds it and tries to put it in his mouth. I'm pretty sure that won't fly since a boy at story time put a ball in his mouth and Ayden said, "Oh no, he's getting spit on it!"

*Almost* caught that sweet smile!

Naps didn't line up today which was okay. Luckily I slept really well last night (we get pretty consistent 3-4 hour stretches) and I was planning on staying awake during nap anyway. My original plan was to mark a few things off of my ever growing to do list but instead I left those on pause and had some great quality one on one time with both of my little boys. 

Baby toes!

Today's life saver...

A little while after Logan woke up Ayden came down with a case of the crazies so we got outside for some fresh air. 

It was definitely for the best because the weather was perfect!  

For a "congrats on the new baby gift" David's employer gave us a gift card to a local place where you can order a weeks worth of pre-cooked meals, pick them up on Monday or Tuesday and just re-heat or freeze them as needed. It was SUCH a generous gift. Between friends and family feeding us the first week and these meals feeding us for the second and third (we split them into 4 meals last week and 3 this week), we've barely even put a dent in our freezer meal stash. Tonight our dinner was bacon wrapped chorizo meatloaf with chipotle mayo, cauliflower mashed potatoes topped with avocado slices. All of the meals have been equally as fancy, are Paleo friendly and have been effortless. All I have to do is preheat the oven, transfer it all to a baking dish and warm it up. It feels good to still be able to have dinner ready when David gets home. Now we still have some freezer meals to use as needed as I transition back into cooking which will be interesting... 

Logan is still mellow but is beginning preferences and needs be known now that he is more alert. He understandably loves being with me so if he's been on his own for too long he'll fuss until I go pick him up. This usually happens while I am reading Ayden his bed time stories. Luckily Ayden doesn't seem to mind sharing my lap with his brother. The great thing is that, for now at least, as soon as his needs are met he's Mr. Chill again. 

He's always sleeping with his arms up.
Touch down!

The juggling act involved with meeting both kids' needs, especially when they need you at the same time, is probably the most challenging part of this "parents of two" thing so far.  You kind of have to act in a triage sort of mind set.  Who's needs are most urgent?  Meet those needs first then move on to the waiting child.

Overall I feel like we're doing okay with the juggling act.  Everyday we tweak a few things here and there in an effort to find our groove again.  In the meantime, we are really enjoying our newborn this time around.  Even with the house building and having two kiddos now instead of one, everything is more relaxed overall.  Life is good.  


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  1. And having a great diet like you do has a lot to do with it too. I have eaten Paleo, it made me happy like non other diet I ever tried. I ate Paleo during pregnancy which upset my doctor who referred me to a nutritionist for counseling. I never went. The Paleo diet makes you feel great, and energetic. I stopped Paleo after my daughter was born and soon began feeling anxious, fearful, moody, ect. They say thats post pardom but how you eat affects the severity too. I wish I could afford Paleo again, but unfortunately I cant right now. I know your lifestyle is right on. Good job!!

  2. You're doing wonderfully well and I can tell you are more at ease than you were with newborn Ayden! Keep up the good work!