Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red Head

It turned out to be a really sunny and beautiful Autumn day today!

He heard a plane fly over and said,
"Hi, Dusty! I have worms, Dusty!"
Haha.  Reminded me of Dumb and Dumber
We had some errands to run a town over and it was kind of a long drive. Logan started sucking on his fist a little in his sleep in the Moby but didn't do it when he woke up when I transferred him to his car seat. Since it hadn't been that long since I had fed him last, I assumed he was just kind of pacifying in his sleep. I guess I assumed very wrong because he lost his little mind on the way home. This boy fusses a little, whines and gets fidgety when he is hungry, needs changed or wants cuddles but rarely full on cries. It just takes him a while to escalate and we are usually able to meet his needs before he gets there. Poor little guy, I pulled over as soon as I could, fed him in the car then all was well again. 

That moment when they pull back right when your milk lets down...
He gave himself a milk shower.

When we got home we had lunch. Ayden must be having a growth spurt because he is constantly rummaging around in the fridge and is cleaning his plate at meal times. He ate and went down for his nap and then this happened too:

I nursed him to sleep and was able to slip away.

BOTH boys napped and I was able to get up and get a few things done. It was dance day so I listened to Gilmore Girls while I got dinner in the crockpot, folded some clothes, did some finishing touches on Ayden's bear hoodie for his Halloween costume and got snacks and such packed for out time at the studio. Ayden's nap was going on two hours and I had to wake him up!  

He says he is a nice bear.

I'd like to make him some shoe covers but we'll see...

My sister pulled a wig out of her storage room for me since I didn't have a costume.  Ayden wasn't a fan.

He said, "Mommy... what did Naunie do put in your hair?"
He was relieved when I told him I could take it off.
I don't usually like to shedule things or run errands in the morning on Wednesdays because of dance but we needed a couple of bee supplies and I FINALLY found some jeans that fit my current wider postpartum body comfortably so the trip was worth it. I am feeling it now though!  This mama is tired and looking forward to tomorrow. I enjoy storytime as much as Ayden because of all of the friends we have both made there. Between play group on Mondays and story time on Thursdays, this introverted mama gets just the right amount of fellow mama socialization!


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