Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pet Sitters

Ayden and I have been doing a little bit of pet sitting this week.  Last night when we got home from the pumpkin patch and Ayden woke up from his nap we headed over to my sister's house to let her dogs out.  Her son was in a Tae Kwan Do tournament all day so we packed Mav into the car and David dropped me, the boys and the dog off at my sisters while he went to run a few errands.  Maverick played with her dogs in their back yard while Ayden and I played with my niece's new kitchen set.

A pic we sent to my sister for her to show my niece.
It made her smile and that is what life is all about!

When we got home, had dinner and got Ayden off to bed, I nursed Logan, and folded clothes while David jarred our Fall honey harvest.

Nature's work of art!
It is such beautiful stuff.

This morning the boys and I went to the farmer's market while David worked over at the house site a bit (his dad is still out of town).  Ayden fell asleep on the way there to my dismay.

Logan has been sleeping well (3-5 hour stretches all night) but we have been going to bed late again. That in combination with their naps rarely lining up at the moment is starting to catch up to me.  When I got home and told David how bummed and tired I was he took Ayden out for a nature walk around the farm while Logan and I snuggled in for a half hour nap.  It was glorious and just what I needed to get through the rest of the day.  

When we woke up the boys and I headed out yet again to my parents house to take care of their cats.

Giving the ring sling a try.
I am getting the hang of it and Logan is just as much of a fan.

SWEET new kitten that showed up at their house just before they left.
I'm not sure why but I am really looking forward to this week!  Play group, our 6 week postpartum (!!) and final visit from my midwife, teaching dance, story time, Halloween costume making. We've got a lot to do but it is all fun and wonderful stuff! 

What is on your agenda for the week?

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