Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tent Boys

David and Ayden camped out at the farm after the bon fire last night.  I was excited to go back and pick up my camping boys this morning!

They had a good night. David said he woke up a lot to check on Ayden but Ayden slept well (as he always does while camping...) Here's what's left if our wood pile:

I had never seen our house in the morning light.

I'm not exactly sure what has made the difference but I have been starting to daydream about living in it. I think it's because we have pretty much adjusted by now and my mind has the space for that kind of forward thinking. Before I was pretty consumed with what life would be like with baby #2 and such but now that I know I am able to wonder what life will be like in that house. 

We spent some time putting the house back together and, of course, playing!

David fed the bees, mowed the grass and put a few hours in at the house and I finally got to work on Ayden's Halloween costume while Ayden napped. This little guy kept me company. 

When David got home we had dinner and crossed off another item from the Fall bucket list!

We also celebrated this old man's birthday. 

He's eleven years old and in the spirit of the evening he had a special treat of canned pumpkin. 

Though it didn't feel that way at the time, in hindsight today was a pretty packed day. My tired David is cleaning up the kitchen and I am nursing Logan and we plan to have some pumpkin spice smoothies and watch a little Netflix before bed. I am looking forward to the fun of Halloween week!

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